This type of discount can be used on company emails when trying to provide discounts to their employees in an organization.

You can provide a discount based on the following:

All these conditions will be in Rules(optional).
You can select your desired condition and set the rules.

Let us see how to set up discounts based on a specific Email domain.

Let's see with an example:

Go to WooCommerce -> Woo Discount Rules.
Click Add New Rule.

Scenario 1 :

I want to offer a 25% discount for customers whose email contains .org

You can select the discount type as cart adjustment and choose Email - TLD.

Rule Setup:

The discounts will be validated and applied in checkout when entering the email id.

Scenario 2:

I want to offer a 10% discount for customers whose domain is
Rule Setup :

The discounts will be applied in checkout when entering the email id.

Note :

  • If you are trying to add two or more email domains, you can separate each domain with a comma "," in the rule setup.


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