Specific Customer-Based Discount - 2.0
Learn how to provide discount only for logged in users
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Want to offer a discount for particular users?
YES, Woo discount rules plugin gives you the way !!

Here, let us see how to provide a discount for:

  • Specific Users

  • Logged in Users

All these conditions will be in Rules(optional).
You can select your desired condition and set the rules.

Let us see how to set up discounts based on specific users.

Let's see with an example:

Go to WooCommerce -> Woo Discount Rules.
Click Add New Rule.

Scenario 1 :

I want to offer a 10% discount on all products for a specific two users.

You can select the discount type as product adjustment and choose Users in the list from Rules(optional)

Rule Setup:

Scenario 2 :

Provide a 50% discount only for logged in users.

This scenario is most commonly used and very easy to set up using our plugin.
You can select the discount type as cart adjustment and choose Logged in Yes from Rules (optional)


  • The discounts will be applied only when the specific customer has logged in.


Still unclear?
Please submit a support request. We are always happy to assist you :)

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