How about rewarding customers with a discount when they purchase more ?
This keeps pushing them to purchase more to avail higher discount value..

This concept of tiered pricing discounts based on the cart value is possible in the PRO Version of the plugin. 

Let's take the following scenario:

  • If Cart subtotal is $100 - 199 = 10 % discount

  • If Cart subtotal is $200 - 299 = 20 % discount

  • If Cart subtotal is $300 - 499 = 30% discount

To create such rules,
Go to WooCommerce -> Woo Discount Rules -> Add new Rule :

After Entering into the rule page, just add the rule name and you can select the  Discount Type "Cart Adjustment" from the Drop-down menu.

Here is the rule set up for first rule :
Rule 1: Cart subtotal is $100 - 199 = 10 % discount

Its quite simple, you need to set all products in the filter condition and enter the discount percentage in discount tab.

The conditions should be added in the Rules (optional) section : 

Here is a screenshot of how the cart page looks with discount applied :

Similar way,
Rule 2: Cart subtotal is $200 - 299 = 20 % discount.
The filter conditions are the same and you only just have to adjust the value.

Here is a cart page screenshot :

Similar way, you need to create for separate rules for differing subtotal ranges and percentage discount.

Note :

  • The discount name shown in cart page is the rule name.

  • To create separate rules, you can use the duplicate option to create and then alter only the values.

  • The message shown in cart page is enabled from Settings --> Promotion.


Still unclear ?
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