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Display available offers in cart if customers spend more
Display available offers in cart if customers spend more

Let customers know the promotion offer a discount if they spend more. This feature is based on the subtotal condition in a discount rule.

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Introduction :

You can let customers know that they will get a discount if they spend more at the cart page.

This will help increase average order value and encourage customers to buy more items as it offers discounts based on the amount they spend on their purchase.

This guide explains how to show a promotional message based on the cart subtotal in your WooCommerce store.

IMPORTANT NOTE : This quantity based promotional message would be displayed only if you configure additional conditions based on Subtotal. Not all types of discount rules support this feature.

Make sure you have already installed and activated the Discount Rules plugin. Please note that some of the features explained in the examples are available only in the PRO version.

Do More with the PRO Version

Let’s get started

There are two steps in configuring the Promotional message,

  • Enable Promotion Message

  • Customize your message

Step 1 : Enable Promotional Message

You can enable the Promotional Message in the Settings page of our Discount Rules.

  • Go to WordPress dashboard -> WooCommerce -> Discount Rules -> Settings -> Promotions -> Condition based promotion -> enable the Subtotal Promotion

  • You can also choose the pages of your choice on which the promotional message has to be displayed.

- Shop page

- Product page

- Cart page

- Checkout page

  • Once the option is enabled, save the settings.

Step 2 : Customize your message

Let us see an Example scenario to display the promotional message,

Example : 10% discount on each product when the subtotal reaches $500 in the cart.

(Note - Displaying the Promotional message from subtotal 100 in the cart)

Here is the screenshot of the rule configuration that follows,

Configuration :

Choose “Product Adjustment” as Discount type, “All Products” in the Filter section as this discount is store-wide and set Percentage discount as “10” (You also have options like categories, products, attributes, tags in the filter section and can also have Fixed discounts)

In the conditions section, choose “Subtotal” and set the operator to be “Greater than or equal” and enter the value as “500”.

Because we are offering a discount when the cart subtotal reaches $500.

Once the Promotional message is enabled in the settings tab then the promotional section would be displayed in the Subtotal condition field.

Enter the promotional message “Spend {{difference_amount}} more and get 10% discount”.

Here {{difference_amount}} is the short-code

Enter the threshold value as “100” so that the promotional message would start displaying from the specified total in the cart.

Once the specified threshold is reached, the messages will not be displayed.

Here are some sample screenshots when the cart contains one item.

Shop page :

Product Page :

Cart Page :

Checkout Page :

Frequently Asked Question :

1. Is it possible to change the color and style of a promotional message?

At the moment it is not possible to customize the promotional messages.

Some of the above examples require PRO

Next Steps :

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Still unclear?

If you need any assistance, please create a support request at our ticket system. We are always happy to assist you :)

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