The article helps you understand how to provide a bulk discount based on the purchase by the customer.

Let's learn how to create these discount scenarios with the example.

The following example is based on: Buy 1 item from Category A and get 1 item from Category B at 20% (Repeat).

To create such rules,
Go to WooCommerce -> Woo Discount Rules -> Add new Rule :

After entering into the rule page, just add the rule name and select the Discount Type "Buy X get Y" from the Drop-down menu.

Here is the rule set up for the discount scenario : Customer gets 20% discount for equivalent quantities.

Its quite simple, you need to set Category in the filter condition and select the specific category in the list. Here I have selected the category "Accessories".

In discount section select the discount type as Buy X Get Y- categories then set values for buy quantity.

In Get Quantity sub section select the specific category on which you would like to provide discount and set the Percentage discount value.

You can enable the recursive checkbox so that the discounts will be multiplied based on the quantities added.

Like Example:
Buy 1 from Category A, get 20% on 1 from Category B
Buy 2 from Category A, get 20% on 2 from Category B
Buy 3 from Category A, get 20% on 3 from Category B

and so on.

Here is a screenshot of cart page :


  • Instead of choosing percentage discount, you can choose fixed discount/fixed price in the discount section.


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