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Are you experiencing a problem where the search results are not being displayed? Let's discover simple checks to swiftly resolve this issue

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Within this document, let's address the following situation:

When attempting to search, you are encountering an issue where your products or coupons are not appearing in the search results. Instead, you receive an error message stating "The results could not be loaded."

What steps should you take to resolve this problem?

No need to worry, simply follow these steps:

  • Check for Version Updates

  • Force Refresh

  • Clear cache from plugins (if any)

  • Clear Browser Cache

Check for Version Updates:

Check if there are any updates available for the plugins being used. It is recommended to update both "Discount Rules Core" and "Discount Rules PRO 2.0" to the latest versions.

Force Refresh:

Press (Ctrl + Shift + R) to manually force refresh the page. This can help reload the page and bypass any cached content.

Clear cache from plugins:

If there are any caching plugins installed, such as WP Rocket or W3 Total Cache, try clearing the cache provided by those plugins. This can be done within the plugin settings.

Clear Browser Cache:

Clear the cache of your web browser. This action helps remove any stored temporary data that may be interfering with the display of search results.

If you are still encountering any problems or difficulties, then contact our Support Team.

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