Let's take an example :

Provide a 5% discount when the cart subtotal reaches 1000.

In such cases, you can show a promotion message indicating the upcoming discount information. This is based on the cart subtotal value and can be shown in any of the following :

  • Shop page

  • Product Pages

  • Cart Page

  • Checkout Page

The interesting part is you can specify at which threshold, the discount information should be shown.

For example: Few customers would like to show the message when subtotal reaches 500 and few customers would like to show the message when subtotal reaches 800.

Choosing from which amount the discount info should be displayed is totally up to your choice. Cool isn't :-)

Let's see how to display this promotion message via our discount rules plugin.

You need to follow only two simple steps :

  • Enable Promotion Message

  • Customize your message

Step 1: Enable Subtotal based promotion

You can enable this option from our discount rule settings page.

To enable this, go to WooCommerce discount rules > Settings > Promotion > subtotal based promotion > Set to yes and save the changes.

Also, you can choose the pages where you would like to display this promotion text.

Step 2: Customize your message

Once you enable the subtotal-based promotional message option in the settings, the option to add a promotion message will display on each rule (when the subtotal condition is added in the rule configuration).

Below are few example screenshots when the cart reaches 500:

Screenshot of Shop page :

Screenshot of the product page :

Screenshot of Cart page:

Screenshot of the checkout page:

Quick Links :

Note :

  • The Promotion message will be displayed only if you have enabled it in the settings tab.

  • Once the specified threshold is reached, the messages will not be displayed.


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