Are discount rules working only in default language ?
Are you using WPML ?
Here we go!! Let's find out the steps to get it sorted.

By default, Woo discount Rules is compatible with WPML

But, In certain discount scenarios, you will have to create one rule per language... (By selecting those language specific categories or products) 

Step 1:
Choose the secondary/relevant language from Wordpress dashboard.

Step 2:

Navigate to Woocommerce ---> Woo discount Rules.
Create the same discount rule for that specific language.
Make sure to select the products/categories for the chosen language. 

Likewise, you can create rules for all the languages. 

1. Are the products not listed when you type in the discount rules search box ?
For quick access, use the product's SKU id in the chosen language.

2. If you are using WPML on your site. You will have to choose the languages to which the discount rules applies for in "Rule Limits" while creating the rule.

Here is an example screenshot:

With this option, you can be able to provide discounts for each languages and can also provide different discounts/ different free products for languages.

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