There are 4 bulk actions that can be performed in discount rules. 

  • Enable Rules
  • Disable Rules
  • Delete Rules
  • Duplicate Rule

Enable/Disable Rules:
Are there multiple rules and not sure of how to disable them at the same time ?
This can be done in just a simple click :) 

In Woodiscount rules, you can see a drop down "Bulk Actions". Click on the necessary action and hit "Apply". 

Screenshot when Bulk disable is clicked.. 

Screenshot when Bulk enable is clicked.. 

Delete Rules:
Wanted to delete the existing rules and start fresh ?
Just click on "Delete Rules"  from Bulk Actions drop down.

Duplicate Rules:
Are you creating similar rules and tired of creating new ones each time ?
Why not use the Duplicate button ?
Duplicate button is present alongside of the rule name. Click on duplicate and a similar rule will be created.


  • Before performing any bulk actions, make sure to select the checkbox along "name" so that all the rules are selected. 
  • The duplicated rule created will be disabled by default. 

Here is a Video Tutorial :

Still Unclear ?
Please submit a support request. We are always happy to assist you :)

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