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Upgrade from Free to PRO

Learn how to upgrade from Free version of Discount Rules for WooCommerce to Discount Rules for WooCommerce - PRO

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Haven't yet purchased the Discount Rules for WooCommerce - PRO ?

The upgrade process is quite simple and involves a few steps:

  1. Download Woo Discount Rules PRO 2.0 from there and grab the license key as well. 

  2. Make sure the zip file name is:  (notice the word PRO at the end, especially).

  3. Go to your WordPress Dashboard  -> Plugins. 

  4. Now, click the Add New button 

7. The page will refresh and now show "Upload Plugin" button. Click on it

8. Now, you will see the Upload plugin section (see the below screenshot).

Click the Browse button and choose the Plugin Zip file you have just downloaded in Step 1.

And click the "Install Now" button.

This will install the Discount Rules for Woocommerce - Pro plugin.
Once done, please activate it.

You can now see two discount rules in the plugin page:

Please make sure that both the plugins are activated and are in the same version.

Couldn't able to upload the plugin?

  1. Make sure, that you upload the .zip file downloaded from MyDownloads Section.

  2. Using "Safari Browser" for downloading the PRO version might automatically unzips the ZIP file after it downloaded it. However, WordPress needs the zip file for installation.

  3. Try downloading the plugin using either Chrome or Firefox. Alternatively, you can turn off the automatic zip extraction in Safari. Here is a guide for turning off the Automatic Unzipping of the files by Safari: 

If you haven't yet purchased our PRO pack, then get

Next Steps:

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Check out the following video tutorial showing how to upgrade from FREE to PRO version:

Still unclear ?

If you need any assistance, please create a support request at our ticket system. We are always happy to assist you :)

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