Are you looking to provide a discount like the scenarios below ?

  • Buy 3 for $10 

  • Buy 6 for $20

 In short, this actually means, you wanted to offer 

  • 3 quantities of the same or different products for $10

  • 6 quantities of the same or different products for $20

Interesting part is, this set discount be applied on all type of product filters available in our plugin which includes for All products, Specific products, Categories, Attributes or on sale products alone.

Now, let's see how to provide set discount for all products in store like 

  • Buy 3 for $10

  • Buy 6 for $20

Navigate to Woocommerce -> Woo Discount Rules -> Add New Rule.

After Entering into the rule page, just add the rule name and you can select the Simple Discount Type "Set Discount" from the Drop-down "Select Discount Type" 

Choose the Filter to which you want to apply the discount for and then configure you rule as below.

Example 1:

Here I have chosen this bundle set for all products in the store, buy any 3 for $10 and Any 6 for $20.

When you have 4 products in cart, first 3 will get the bundle price and the 4th product will remain fully charged until the cart reaches the next range of 6.

Here is how the discount works in cart:

Example 2:

Buy 3 for $20, 6 for $40 and so on...

You can enable the recursive checkbox, if you want the quantities to be repeated endlessly.

For example in the above screenshot, I have set buy 3 for $20 and enabled recursive checkbox.

Hence when cart has 6 quantities from that category fixed price for a bundle/ set of $40 will be applied and so on...

Here is the cart page screenshot:

As you can see, 9 products from that category has been offered for $60.

Additional Conditions:

If you want to include additional conditions to the rules, you can include with the conditions option on the rules.

That is optional and can be used if you want to provide limitation for the discount rule.

Additional conditions includes the Cart conditions, Cart items, Date and time, Purchase History, Shipping address, User or User roles.

For Example, if you want this to apply to specific product A + B + C and only when 1 of each products are in cart you can include the product combination from the Rule condition (Optional).

Frequently asked question:

I would like to round off it as $10 (while setting 3 for $10), instead of $9.99:

Can you have a check on your Tax settings if you have enabled the Round off calculation here:

Woocommerce -> Settings -> Tax -> Rounding -> Enable (Round tax at subtotal level, instead of rounding per line) and Save the settings.

As our plugin splits the discount to each of the product ie.., 3.33 (10 / 3) and then adds, subtotal will be displayed as $9.99. With the help of above setting, we can round off it as $10.

Cart page screenshot:


Still unclear ?
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