Let us see what is a Sale tag and how to enable it with our Discount Rules Plugin.

What is a Sale Tag?

Simply put, WooCommerce shows a Sale badge (a.k.a, Sale tag), when your product has both

  • Regular Price

  • Sale Price

In the above image,

  • Regular Price is $10

  • Sale Price is $5

As you can see, the Sale price is lower than the Regular price. So WooCommerce treats this product as on SALE!. It shows a SALE badge on top of the product image.

1. How to enable Sale Badge in WooCommerce Discount Rules

Please go WooCommerce -> Woo Discount Rules -> Settings -> Product Section.

You can enable sale badge based on two options :
Select your desired option and click on Save.

The two options are :

Show only after a rule condition is matched exactly :

The sale badge will be enabled only when the condition matches.
Let's see it with an example :
You have created a discount rule for Buy 5 or more cap, get 10% off.
Now, the sale badge will be displayed only when the cart contains 4+ quantities.

Show on products that are covered under any price based discount rule :

The sale badge will be displayed irrespective of the condition being matched or not.
Let's see with the same example :
You have created a discount rule for Buy 5 or more cap, get 10% off.
Now, the sale badge will be displayed right away even if there are no products in the cart.

Customize Sale Tag/Badge

You have the option to customize the "text" on the SALE! Badge.

The default style supported by WooCommerce is

<span class="onsale">Sale!</span>

You are however free to change the text


<span class="onsale">OFFER!</span>

or even add an HTML snippet for more advanced customization.

IMPORTANT!: Change/customize the HTML elements only you know what you are doing.

Does your theme also have an override? Do you wish to force override the label?
This can be done from our settings page :

2. Display percentage discount on Sale badge:

If you are trying to show a % discount on the sale badge, you can enable the third checkbox from our setting tab.

This % will be displayed only on products that are covered under our discount rule.

Here is an example bulk discount scenario:

Since ours is a dynamic sale badge, the percentage will be shown on products only when condition matches (ie.., when the cart has 4 quantities next immediate product adding to the cart is eligible for the discount and this will trigger the percentage sale badge to be shown on products)

Shop page screenshot:

Similarly, when the cart has 9 products percentage will be updated to 10%, and so on.

Please note that this dynamic sale badge is similar for all types of rules and can be displayed only while condition matches.

Also, if the discount is applied from the very first quantity, then the % sale badge will be shown on all products from the very first quantity.

Here is an example scenario:

Shop page screenshot:

Also, if there are multiple rules enabled, then the percentage will work based on the priority you have set.

ie.., if you set apply discount "Biggest one from matched rule" and have 20% and 30% off rules:

Then 30% off will be displayed on products.

3. To show different sale badge for woocommerce "onsale" products and products which have discount via our plugin:

Step 1: You can exclude "onsale" products from discount.

Here is an example screenshot:

Step 2: From settings tab you can disable the "force override" checkbox, so that different sale badge will be displayed for onsale products and products which have discount via our plugin.

Something like this:

Here is the screenshot of shop page showing different sale badge:


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