The On sale page is used to display the products that have discounts set from our discount rules plugin.
Let's say, your shop has 50 products and you have set a specific product discount to only 10 products.

You can list out the 10 products on a separate page so that the customers can right away shop the products that have discounts.

To use the on sale page here are the steps :

  • Navigate to Woo discount Rules --> Settings --> On sale page section.
  • Here you can select which rule's products should be shown on the sale page.
  • Once you select the rules, click on the rebuild index processed.

Here I have chosen all active rules - meaning, all the rules that are active and running.

  • You can copy the shortcode [awdr_sale_items_list].
  • You can then create a page (Pages --> Add New).
  • You can name it as a sale page and use the shortcode here.
  • Now, a sale page will be created on your site with all the products that have discounts set from our plugin.

Note :

  • After creating a sale page, if you are making any changes in the rule, you can see the button Rebuild Index.
  • Make sure to click on Rebuild Index after making changes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I want to limit the column and also the product per page. Is this possible?

Yes, You can customize the display according to your requirement.
Example : you can use shortcode like this -> [awdr_sale_items_list columns="4" per_page="4"]

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