The On sale page is used to display the products that have discounts set from our discount rules plugin.
Let's say, your shop has 50 products and you have set a specific product discount to only 10 products.

You can list out the 10 products on a separate page so that the customers can right away shop the products that have discounts.

To use the on sale page here are the steps :

  • Navigate to Woo discount Rules --> Settings --> On sale page section.

  • Here you can select which rule's products should be shown on the sale page.

  • Once you select the rules, click on the rebuild index processed.

Here I have chosen all active rules - meaning, all the rules that are active and running.

  • You can copy the shortcode [awdr_sale_items_list].

  • You can then create a page (Pages --> Add New).

  • You can name it as a sale page and use the shortcode here.

  • Now, a sale page will be created on your site with all the products that have discounts set from our plugin.

Note :

  1. Rebuild index: After creating a sale page, if you are making any changes in the rule, you can see the button Rebuild Index.

  • Make sure to click on Rebuild Index after making changes.

  • For the sale page, the products are displayed based on the filter conditions set.
    However, for free shipping, the free shipping option will only be shown in the cart.
    In this case, the products in the list are considered as an additional condition.

    The sale page will not be displayed based on additional conditions. So, we are so sorry that it might not be possible to show the sale page for the free shipping rule.

2. Select cron to run daily:

You can set this option to "Yes", while having Validity based rules or rules with Date and Time condition. So that sale page will get updated automatically per day while enabling this setting.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I want to limit the column and also the product per page. Is this possible?

Yes, You can customize the display according to your requirement.
Example : you can use shortcode like this -> [awdr_sale_items_list columns="4" per_page="4"]


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