Discount based on Taxonomies
Learn how to create discounts based on the product tags, brands and other taxonomies in your WooCommerce store
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This type of discount is available only in PRO version.

There are two sections here :

  • Discount based on Tags

  • Discount based on Brands

For both type of discounts, you have to choose the specific filter in the filter section.

Navigate to woo commerce -> woo discount rules -> Add new rule

Discount based on Tags:

Let's see how to set a 20% discount for products containing the tag "stationery"

We have associated the tag "stationery" to the product "Pen"

Screenshot of the product page where you can see the tag which is associated with the product:

Now, you can in-list the tag "stationery" in the rule setup:

Here is a screenshot of the cart page indicating the 20% discount being applied:


Discount based on Brands :

  • Does your Woocommerce Store has products under specific Brands ?

  • If you have created the Brands in woocommerce and wish to provide discount on those Specific Brands alone, you can inlist the Brands under the filter section.

Here is a screenshot of the rule setup shows filter "Brands" under the Custom Taxonomy.

  • In the above screenshot, Brands is a name of the custom taxonomy. Using this, you can set the discounts based on specific custom taxonomy.

Also, here is the rule setup for discount based on Brand "Adidas."

Now, the 20% discount will be applied to the products which are associated with the brand "Adidas."


Still Unclear ?

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