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How to display free products in cross-sell block
How to display free products in cross-sell block
Learn how to display free products in the cart and let the customers to choose them
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What is a cross-sell block on the cart?

This feature enables the customers to select free products from the cart. While choosing BOGO cheapest/ highest -> you can display the choice of free products in the cart and customers can select one or two products from the displayed products as free.

Please note that this feature will be enabled only if you have Buy X Get Y rule  and chosen cheapest/ highest option.

Here is an example rule setup:

As per the rule setup, cross-sell block will be enabled in the cart once the cart reaches 3 quantities.

How to enable this feature?

Go to Woo Discount Rules -> Settings -> Promotion -> Show cross sell block on cart?
-> Yes.

Limit -> It represents how many products can be displayed in the cart.

For example: If I have in-listed 10 products in the rule setup, then any 3 products will be displayed in the cart.

Column -> It represents the column count

For example, there are 2 columns in this cart

Order by -> You can order the products randomly or by menu order or by price.

1. Randomly: Products will be displayed randomly ie.., any 3 from those in-listed products will be displayed.

2. Menu order: You can find menu orders from woo commerce advanced product configuration and the product will be ordered based on this selection.

3. Price: Products will be displayed based on their cost.

Ordering -> You can display the products either by ascending order or by descending.

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  • These products will be displayed in the cart only after the conditions get matched.

  • This feature will not be enabled for rules with the "auto add" option.


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