What is regular price and sale price ?
Regular price is the normal price set for the product.
Sometimes, the owners would like to provide a discount directly. So a sale price will be set.

Now, you can choose from which price the discounts should be calculated.
Yes, you can choose from the settings tab :

In this way, the discounts will work based on the selected option:

  • Navigate to Woocommerce --> Woo discount rules --> Settings tab.

  • You can see the option Calculate discount based on.

  • Here, you can choose between sale price and regular price from the dropdown.

Note :

  • Only either of one price can be chosen, (i.e) You can select either sale price or regular price(not both).

  • If sale price is not set for a product, then the regular price will be taken into consideration.

  • If you are trying to apply discounts when using plugins like add ons and bundle, make sure to apply discount from the sale price.


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