Display options available:

  • Strikeout discounted price display.

  • Sale Badge on products.

  • A discount table on product pages.

  • Discount Bar

  • You Saved text in cart/checkout.

  • Discount applied message

💬 Strikeout discounted price display💬

It is important that how you display the discounts and the discounted price at the product pages in order to let your users know in case of having a quantity based discounts.

Our plugin enables Strike out with discounted price in 3 options:

✍️ When a rule condition is matched

✍️ Show after a rule condition is matched

✍️ Show on quantity update (Dynamic)

Choose in which pages you want to show the strikeout displays.

💬Sale Badge on products💬

How to enable Sale Badge in WooCommerce Discount Rules

Please go WooCommerce -> Woo Discount Rules -> Settings -> Product --> Sale badge.

The two options are:

✍️Show only after a rule condition is matched exactly.
✍️Show on products that are covered under any price based discount rule.

Customize Sale Tag/Badge:

The default style supported by WooCommerce is

<span class="onsale">Sale!</span>

You are however free to change the text


<span class="onsale">OFFER!</span>

💬Discount Table💬

A discount table will be shown when you are using Bulk Discounts or Set discount types which shows the discounts on the product page.

You can also customize the discount table headings and the Discount value or the discount price.

💬Discount Bar💬

Discount bar can be customized and displayed on your product page with different position options.

💬You Saved text in cart/checkout💬

Do you wish to show the discounted amount on the cart page?

If so, you can enable the Display Savings text from Settings.
This message will be displayed on the Cart Page and Checkout page.

Navigate to Woo discount rules --> Settings --> Promotion section and enable the You-saved text.

Also, you can choose the position where it should be displayed.
It can be shown in either

  • On each line item

  • On after total

  • Both in each line item and after total

💬Display Message in cart💬

Add attractive custom messages in the Cart page, when a discount rule matches the cart.

Few would like to display the discount which has been applied on the cart page.

Let us see, how to display the same.

Go to Woo Discount Rules -> Settings -> Promotion.

Short-codes to use in the text box:

{{title}} -> This element will display your Rule Name.

Or simply you can display your customized message.

Still unclear ?

Please submit a support request. We are always happy to assist you :)


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